East Coastin’

Headed to Philadelphia and New York City for a week on the east coast with old friends and new (and work..).


An excuse to write off famous deli sandwiches on our taxes? Sign us up!

So, we headed to Philadelphia for the ASTRA Toy Faire. Turns out the show is very kid-oriented and while many buyers wanted our goods for their own use, they thought it too risky to stock on store shelves along side sippy cups and crayons… Since when did the world get so PC??

A friend of ours took the sandwich quest very seriously. Never eaten 3 hoagies at 3 different restaurants in less than an hour before coming to Philly…

Hopped on a bus to NYC to pay a visit to Uncommon Goods, our longtime partner in commerce. Their office/warehouse is in a magnificent old army transport building in South Brooklyn that’s been decommissioned since the 50s and since re-purposed for a variety of businesses from chocolate factories to an alleged Counter Terrorism outpost. Deliciously scandalous.

Like all memorable trips, we met awesome people along the way and would like to say a special thank you to Marisa Bowe, a writer with UG, for taking us out to an incredible Williamsburg rooftop view of Manhattan (and getting us to the front of the elevator line)!

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