‘Mini Pong’ to Debut at Target Stores under Buffalo Games Licensing Deal

Mini (Beer) Pong is coming to a Target near your in Summer 2016 in partnership with Buffalo Games!


We’ve always been proud to handcraft each Mini Beer Pong set at our shop in Minneapolis. Yet, after a couple years of cash-strapped side-hustling, we’ve struggled to keep up with unexpected surges in demand and scale our mini operation efficiently.

Having just invested tens of thousands of dollars in designing and launching production of our lower-cost travel sets and been hoping to connect with a large retail buyer at one of these trade shows to give us the ability to increase our manufacturing volume and lower our prices. Alas, we hadn’t been able to link up yet…

Out of the blue, we get a call from New York-based Buffalo Games to pitch Mini Beer Pong to a games buyer at Target with no strings attached. Turns out the buyer loved the game and was ready to order 30,000 some units, but he wanted

  1. them to be made out of wood
  2. to cost less $10 (not gonna happen in the USA..)
  3. and to drop the “Beer” from the name.

This caught us by surprise and and really threw a wrench at our plans. On the plus side, with a retail partner like hometown Target and their distribution network, it’s a major opportunity to take our business to the next level and free up our time to focus on creating new games. That, plus the need to still maintain separate full-time day jobs to pay bills led us to sign the agreement for a Feb 2016 debut at the New York Toy Faire.


Aside from Target, you can expect to see Mini Pong on shelves at a bunch of other stores towards the end of the year, so who keep your eyes pealed!

Plus, if you like MBP, you’re going to love our next product – due out in late 2016. Another college classic coming back with an adult twist… Sign up below for a heads up, Cheers!