The 12th Man

Gotta love stumbling upon a Hemp Fest during your trade show lunch break. Makes for an easy afternoon 🙂


After spending a few short days in Seattle, it’s pretty obvious why the Pacific Northwest has seen a huge influx of new residents seeking vibrant economic centers with access to Mother Nature’s majesty and consistently comfortable temperatures.

The technical reason for our journey was to exhibit at another Urban Expositions gift trade show being held at the Washington Convention Center (which is a spectacle of a structure with an incredible amount of natural light).

Made some great connections and met some really cool store owners. Ironically, in Washington of all places, we smoked alcohol for the first time. Best stick to convention… Many thanks to Laurie Block of Elope who kept us well nourished with homemade sandwiches and solicited passerbys to our booth.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Washingtonians love the Seahawks.

A few trip highlights (not necessarily with photographic evidence):

– rooftop beers 1 block from the Amazon headquarters at our friend’s $3,800/mo studio apartment while discussing how Amazon is the new Wal-Mart; bro, thank you for making that opportunity possible

– progressive social legislation and Hempfest

– purchasing another Starbucks before finishing the previous Starbucks

– meeting the Pike Place Fish Market bros

– the city itself – awesome public parks and awe-striking geography

Conclusion: the PNW is the ideal place to live in the US; better migrate fast before everyone else does! (or has already..)