West Coastin’

Beaches, hot tubs, comedy, and parking lot shot-guns all make for a superb Southern Cali excursion.

California dreamin’ finally came true as we headed out to LA for the California Gift Show hosted by Urban Expositions at the LA Convention Center.

The vibrancy in LALA land is tough to beat. So many people out away from home taking risks trying to pave an unconventional path in life. But this electricity is perfectly tempered by good, relaxed Cali vibes. It seemingly has the best of both worlds if only it didn’t cost so much to live anywhere close to the beach and car traffic didn’t exist…

Purchasing representatives from retail outlets and vendors converged, and business went down. Check out a few pix of the experience below.

A few trip highlights (not necessarily with photographic evidence):

– meeting the Senior Olympic Women’s Basketball team from New Mexico in the MSP airport; these women are our super heroes

– kickin’ it alongside the BOS Drinkware fellas who have your cocktail cup needs covered and are putting their $ toward a great cause

– appearing on Business Rockstars in Santa Monica with Nate Holzapfel from which is hosted in the old Google headquarters

– exchanging one Mini Beer Pong table to this a man named Rodney in front of the Staples Center for an idea for the next best game ever

– sitting front and center at a killer comedy show at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach and drinking beers in the parking lot

Finally, you’re welcome for bringing the rain, LA, at least for a couple days..

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