Vegas Workation

Nelly, T-Pain, Pool Parties – now, that’s a tradeshow! Especially when you end with a wedding certificate and lower back tattoo..


Our first tradeshow experience couldn’t have been any more memorable. The Night Club and Bar show in Las Vegas had some of the most spectacular booth displays that money and creativity could produce (maybe, I don’t know, it was our first tradeshow…). Everything from energy drink Hummers to showroom rave parties, and if we would have worn only Speedos, we would have been on par for the dress code of scantily clad exhibitors.

The only downfall of this show was not having enough energy to take advantage of all the VIP passes and night life. We finally realized that pool parties are definitely the best kind of parties, hands down.

We learned a valuable trade show lesson – anti-fatigue mats are a life-saver.

A few trip highlights (not necessarily with photographic evidence):

– lounging poolside with Rachael of the I Love Wining blog who took us rookies under her wing and gave us shelter from the mayhem

– seeing Nelly and DJ Nick Cannon (yup, he’s turning tables) at the Palms pool with all the free Bud Light we could stomach

– $10 steaks and priceless characters at Ellis Island!!!

– relegating our diets to exclusively foot-long hotdogs to save green


– sleeping through the T-Pain set, the Aviici party, and some other party stuff…

– standing, walking